Notebook: Out-of-the-Ordinary Injury to Sideline Narveson for Next Start

Chris Narveson, Milwaukee’s No.5 starter in a revamped and refurbished 2011 starting rotation, has reportedly injuried himself while working on his glove in the training room with a pair of scissors Tuesday night.  Reports indicate Narveson needed some eight stitiches to repair the wound.

“I look down, and I’ve got a gash on my thumb,” Narveson said. “I was hoping [the cut] wasn’t that deep, but it ended up being deep, and they put a couple of stitches in there.”

Eight stitches is nothing to sneese at, according to Brewers manager Ron Roenicke.

“He’s obviously going to be out for a little bit,” Roenicke said.

Narveson was originally scheduled to start Friday against the Pirates, but will be need to be replaced.  We will continually update you on any late-breaking news as it comes in.

Narveson is 8-6 on the season with a 4.49 ERA in 23 starts, and says he “has never sustained an injury like this ever before.”

Read more from Alec Dopp here.

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