Minor League Game Report: Wily Peralta, August 21

Wily Peralta / MiLB.com

On Tuesday night, Milwaukee Brewers top pitching prospect Wily Peralta took to the mound for the Nashville Sounds in the finale of a four-game set against their Pacific Coast League rivals Omaha Storm Chasers.

Looking to punch his ticket to the big leagues as a September roster expansion call-up, Peralta put on a terrific showing in his 26th start of the season against the prospect-laden lineup that Omaha had to offer.

Here are a few scouting notes on Peralta’s latest outing.

The Line

5.0 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 6 H, 3 BB, 8 K

The Count

Total Pitches Thrown: 93

Strikes: 55 (59%)

Balls: 38 (41%)

What did he throw?

Fastball: 60 (65%)

Strikes: 30

Balls: 30

Slider: 29 (31%)

Strikes: 23

Balls: 6

Changeup: 4 (4%)

Strikes: 2

Balls: 2

General Game Notes:

  • Command was near non-existent in the first inning, especially with respect to his fastball. Labored to place the pitch over the plate in the first frame and had a tendency to keep it up and out of the zone to left-handed hitters. Control issues subsided after the third frame, whereupon he started to get a better feel for his fastball — which topped out at 97 MPH and sat comfortably  in the 94-96 range — and subsequently found himself getting ahead of hitters and inducing a good number of swings and misses with the offering.
  • Peralta’s hallowed slider was the real-deal in this outing. Had excellent command of the pitch and threw it virtually wherever he pleased. Hitters had a difficult time even fouling off the pitch; it had tremendous late-break to it and he had enough confidence with it to throw it in almost every situation.
  • Didn’t flash his changeup much in this outing; he only threw the pitch four times by my count and his command of the pitch was spotty.

Biggest Takeaway:

  • Staying Balanced — I’m a big fan of pitchers who stay balanced throughout their throwing motion. Pitchers who fade toward first base after their release points often tend to have spotty command; pitchers who stay balanced (see Zack Greinke) seem to have better command. Peralta falls under the former category, especially from the stretch. He tends to overthrow with runners on base and almost falls toward first-base, and his control diminishes significantly as a consequence. I believe staying more balanced post-release point would do wonders for him with respect to his overall control.
  • Destined for the ‘Pen — Peralta has been rumored to be a lock for a September call-up for a while now, and with the way he’s pitched since the beginning of July, all signs point to him getting the call next month. His command may still be a bit of concern at this juncture, but his slider will without question be a strikeout pitch at the next level. All that’s left for him is to spot his fastball at a slightly more frequent rate. A chance to talk over his stuff with pitching coach Rick Kranitz next month might just do the trick.

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